An analysis if a bailor can recover for property that was stolen while in the possession of a bailee

Since Tranquil, the bailor, received a benefit from the storage, it had a duty to warn Plattsville, and its failure to do so makes it liable for all damages caused by the explosion. See also Baugh v.

Held no bailment as there was no contract. But that statement of the rule is somewhat deceptive, since the person who has simply housed the goods is entitled to a lien, as is a person who has altered or repaired the goods without measurably adding value to them.

Therefore, a gratuitous bailment relationship was established between Sally and Helen. A delivery service is carrying parcels—bailed goods entrusted to the trucker for delivery—when the truck is struck from behind and blows up.

Strict liability[ edit ] The old common law held a bailee strictly liable for the bailment. The carrier may sue the third person who caused the accident and recover for the total loss, including the value of the packages. South Shore Country Club, Ill. The bailor can be liable too for negligently delivering goods likely to cause damage to the bailee.

The Benefit-of-the-Bargain Rule Most courts use a complex some say annoying tripartite division of responsibility. Similarly, in Magee v. Suppose the Tranquil Chemical Manufacturing Company produces an insecticide that it wants the Plattsville Chemical Storage Company to keep in tanks until it is sold.

Kenworthy Brothers, N. Any person who fails to appear at the time and place of such audit as designated in such notice, or, having appeared, refuses to answer any pertinent question or who fails to produce the books, papers or other documents mentioned in such notice, shall be guilty of a class D misdemeanor.

As the rule is usually stated, the common law confers the lien on the bailee if he has added value to the property through his labor, skill, or materials.

In a voluntary bailment, the bailee agrees to accept responsibility for possession of the goods. But the value of the goods ought not to be the whole story: The bailor may also recover for damages to the parcels, but not if the bailee has already recovered a judgment.

Vijay Kumar If security is deposited for one loan then it could not be used for another loan. Other Types of Liability The theory of products liability discussed in Chapter 11 "Products Liability" extends to bailors. See also Motorlease Corp.

All property which the assessor or board of assessors believes should have been declared for taxation and was not declared and concerning which sufficient information cannot be obtained by them at such hearing, or any adjournment thereof, shall be added to the list at such percentage of the actual valuation thereof from the best information obtainable by the assessor or board of assessors and twenty-five per cent shall be added to such assessment.

Both sections also regulate limitation of damages. In a voluntary bailment, the bailee agrees to accept responsibility for possession of the goods.

Know other rights and duties that arise in a bailment. However, if there is no clear term of bailment agreed upon, the goods cannot be considered abandoned unless the bailee is given notice that the bailor wishes to give up possession of the goods.

Thus when a customer comes to an automobile showroom and leaves her car in the lot while she test-drives the new car, most courts would hold that two bailments for mutual benefit have been created: At that point, a presumption of negligence arises, and to avoid liability the defendant must rebut that presumption by showing affirmatively that he was not negligent.

For example, if one is given a stock certificate but it turns out to be the wrong certificate intended for someone elsehe is an unintentional bailee, he has made no intentional act to become a bailee.

If both bailor and bailee are found to benefit from the relationship, such as sending a package, then the bailee is held to a standard of ordinary, or reasonable, care. Indeed, to the extent that a business bailee attempts to totally disclaim liability, he will probably fail in every American jurisdiction.

Megh Raj Involuntary bailee is a person who comes into possession of something without his consent. For example, a bank gives its customers free access to safe-deposit boxes.

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Liability of the Bailor As might be expected, most bailment cases involve the legal liability of bailees. Both warranty and strict liability theories apply. It also does not apply to paper, security if they are kept for purpose of security or some other purpose.

Many states have enacted statutes governing various types of liens. Damages[ edit ] Plaintiffs will be able to sue for damages based on the duty of care. In his reply, the plaintiff admitted signing the agreement but generally denied that it released the defendant from liability.

The tanks leak and the chemical builds up on the floor until it explodes. Mar 03,  · Bailment is the temporary placement of control over, or possession of personal property by one person, the bailor, into the hands of another, the bailee, for a designated purpose upon which the parties have agreed.

Ownership is not transferred in a bailment situation. An example is a coat check at a play or an opera. a bailment occurs when the owner of personal property delivers his or her property to another person, either to be held, stored, repaired, or delivered or for some other purpose.

-title of property still held by owner. -Bailor: owner of the property. -Bailee: holder of the goods. Bailed property has been lost or is returned damaged court presumes that the bailee was negligent 1. Bailee obligation excused if property was destroyed or lost or stolen through no fault of the bailee iii.

Bailee may be liable for conversion or misdelivery if the goods are given to the wrong person 6. Duties of the bailor a. Just as the bailee has standing to sue, he also has a legal duty to take reasonable care of the property.

This means that the person borrowing the car is responsible to the owner to properly care for the car while borrowing it.

An Analysis If a Bailor Can Recover for Property That Was Stolen While in the Possession of a Bailee PAGES 3. WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed. -. or damage to the property of others - the usual situation in bailment cases.

It seems entirely sensible, therefore, at least in the absence of particular and special circumstances, to connect the property-based analysis of bailments with the uniform standard of ordinary care.

An analysis if a bailor can recover for property that was stolen while in the possession of a bailee
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Liability of the Parties to a Bailment